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Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be medical advice. If you have questions about your health, please speak with your doctor (or better yet, multiple practitioners)!

Health Concerns During Cold and Flu Season

I used to just hope for the best this time of year. But I’ve learned to be more intentional… and therefore get sick less! I try to live a healthy life year round, but I like to give my body some extra TLC this time of year because there are so many viruses going around. We are also starting to be inside more (less sunlight and dirt on our feet). And the holiday season is coming where we will be surrounded by extra sweets, lots of parties and additional stress. The same goes for your children, too. Their bodies are under unusual stress this time of year and their immune systems need to be in top shape!

I remember seasons where my kids were sick again and again and again. It felt like a cycle we were never going to get out of! It was such a helpless feeling. I just did my best to treat symptoms.

How Far We’ve Come

These days, I feel much more prepared to keep our immune systems healthy and help us actually heal when we are sick instead of just managing the coughs, runny noses and fevers.

Sometimes I feel bad that I didn't learn sooner, because it seemed like our oldest kid was sick all the time as a toddler and young kiddo and now our youngest is very rarely sick. The difference is the knowledge and skills we’ve gained in caring for ourselves. You don’t know what you don’t know, but I’m here to share - there’s a better way! And through all our oldest’s struggles, we got to where we are today. It was my desire to help her that really propelled me to learn and grow in my knowledge of healthy living and how our bodies work.

But I digress…..

Let’s get back to cold and flu season.

Our Plan for Supporting our Immune Systems

Here are some things I do to support our family’s health, especially our immune systems, through cold and flu season:

  • Continue to eat whole, nutrient dense foods.

  • Stock up on supplements including

  • Make and use homemade bone broth and elderberry syrup

  • Stock up on other supplies

    • Raw honey

    • Herbal tea

    • Sinus rinse supplies

    • Essential oils and diffusers

    • Electrolytes

    • Thermometer (make sure you have one to monitor temperature)

  • Practice good hand washing - not obsessively, but mainly when we come home

  • Get good rest

  • Reduce stress

We are not taking every vitamin and supplement everyday. We tend to rotate things like elderberry and propolis. I make more soups and use homemade bone broth in them. I start the extra support at the first sign of a symptom. Learn what your body cues are so you know when to double down.

My first sign is a sore throat. For my oldest kid it’s her ears. My husband says his energy tanks. This is part of learning to be in tune with your body so you can then take responsibility for your health.

When I recognize my sore throat, I start dosing vitamin C and D, zinc and beta glucan. I apply essential oils multiple times a day and make sure I get lots of good sleep. Sometimes I up my intake of elderberry syrup to multiple times a day. IMPORTANT ONE: I eat nutrient dense foods and am extra careful to avoid processed foods and sugar. Sugar is an enemy of the immune system. (This is why typical popsicles are a no-go for sick kids. Make a homemade healthy one instead.)

Getting to this point has taken me time. I like to be prepared and I like to research. I hope this info gives you a bit of a shortcut in your own health journey! I hope you’ll take steps to be proactive and intentional with your health. The more you do it, the more confident you’ll become!

- Melisha

P.S. Cold and flu season comes at the beginning of the holidays. Check out my free resource to help make your holidays health and happy!

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