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Recommended Supplements for A Healthy Family

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Important Things to Know About Supplements

I am going to share specific supplements that I buy, and what my kids and I take. But first, just a few important points on supplements in general.

  1. Supplements are not created equal.

  2. I don’t take one set of supplements every day, year round. I rotate and change as my needs change.

  3. Supplements aren’t a substitute for good nutrition. They are a SUPPLEMENT to good nutrition.

  4. Healing your gut is really important for supplements to work well.

The info I’m sharing here is not medical advice and should not be used as such. It’s important to work with your practitioner to see what is a good fit for you.

Supplements I take throughout the year, when and why*

Magnesium - better sleep, anxiety/stress management, regularity, mineral balance

Ashwagandha - herb that helps relieve stress and anxiety

Curcumin - I take this to combat inflammation, detox the liver and balance hormones

*These are not the ONLY reasons for taking these specific supplements, there are lots of other benefits to them, I am just sharing why I personally take them.

Supplements my kids take throughout the year.

Probiotics - help heal the gut and balance hormones

Beef Liver - full of essential vitamins and minerals (us adults take this too)

Fish Oil/Omega 3s - helps with brain development ($5 of with my link)

One of my son’s is currently on a very specific supplement regimen (working with our functional medicine doctor) to fight Lyme Disease. That’s a whole other post!

Supplements we all take:

  • Vitamin C - I take this a few times a week, and more if I am feeling sick. We also use a high dose Vit C option in powder drink mix form.

  • Vitamin D - I take this during the winter months or when I feel run down (use my link for 15% off)

  • Elderberry Syrup - for immune boosting during cold and flu season and when I am sick (I make my own.)

  • Bee Propolis - for immune boosting, we keep a spray bottle in the car and use 3-5 times/week. (Get $10 off with my link.)

  • Beta Glucan - mitigate stress and improve immune function (use my link or 15% off)

We use lots of other things to support our bodies! This post is to help you get a glimpse at some specifics we use as far as type and brand. I get lots of questions about that!

I’d love to hear about a supplement you use and love!


Disclaimer - This is for educational purposes and not medical advice. You should discuss your health with your doctor and/or practitioners.

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, meaning I may get a small commission if you purchase after clicking through. I hope that knowing you are helping to support my small business and our family makes you smile. I will never promote anything I would not use myself.

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