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Free Monthly Meal Plan

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Let me make a real-food meal plan for you!

Sign up on this page and I'll send you my free meal plan each month.

About This Resource

Meal plans can help you stay on track with feeding your family healthy food!  

But they can also take a good bit of time and mental energy to create each week.  As a busy mom, I decided to try something simplified and new... AND I'm sharing it with you. 

I am making a week-long menu plan that I will REUSE each week for the whole month.  Then I'll make a new one for the next month.  There are a lot of benefits to the way I am doing this:

  • Eases the mental load.

  • Easy grocery shopping for the month.

  • Incorporates seasonal produce.

  • It's REAL FOOD based. 

  • Designed to make meal prepping easy.

  • Lots of opportunities for "cooking ahead" and even freezing some things for future weeks if you want.​  

Follow along as I create and share my own monthly meal plans!


If you'd like to receive a copy of my meal plans for FREE, just complete the form and I'll keep you in the loop. I always love to hear your feedback and how you take my ideas and make them your own!

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Free Monthly Meal Plan

Sign up to get my own monthly meal plans!

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