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New Greenhouse Adventure

I have been gardening for more than ten years in one way or another. I am at the point now, especially with four growing kids, that I would love to be able to extend my growing season.

Extending my garden's growing season would allow me to grow even more food for my family. Having a greenhouse would allow me to start seeds earlier and grow herbs, greens and vegetables longer into the cooler months fall months.

We now have that greenhouse and are in the process of experimenting with how best to use it this year!

Our criteria for choosing a greenhouse:

  • One that would be a good size for my backyard and for the plants I want to have inside.

  • One that would hold up to the strong winds and storms we get in southwest Missouri.

  • One that looks nice in our suburban backyard.

  • One that has electricity so that we can have the option to use a fan or heat it if needed.

  • One that has good ventilation for the hot and humid summer months we have here.

With this in mind, we now have the Zalie Greenhouse from Backyard Discovery.

It looks stunning in our backyard! I'm so happy with the beauty and functionality of the design.

It came to us in boxes with great instructions and predrilled holes for putting together, it became a weekend family project for us. Leading up to its arrival, we prepped the ground with a level, gravel space.

The inside is 86 sq. ft. of space and has shelf space all the way around (some collapsible), water hose hookups, temperature activated exhaust fan, electrical outlets, vents and windows.

I think it's safe to say this is my new "she-shed"!

I mentioned needing something sturdy, the Zalie is made of cedar wood, four-wall polycarbonate panels and is "PRO-TECT™ Tested & Proven" to withstands up to 4,450 total pounds and 100 mph winds. It also came with anchors and a 5 year limited warranty! So far, it's weathering through the spring storms marvelously.

What I am doing with my Zalie Greenhouse:

I wanted it mainly to be able extend the growing season of my garden. So, I've been experimenting with different seed planting soils and techniques. I've been able to transplant some of my seedlings to the garden!

I'm planning to plant seeds for the fall garden mid summer, and then I'll plant seeds to overwinter greens like spinach and kale that can tolerate cooler temps.

I also wanted to have a place where I could pot and propagate house plants. I've already repotted several house plants and I've got several more things lined up to pot up. There's also space out there to keep all my little baby plant propagations as they grow bigger. It's very nice to have a dedicated space for that!

Teaching My Kids

Feeding my family healthy food is super important to me. Teaching them where their food comes from and how to grow their own food is a skill that they can take with them for a life time!

The greenhouse has been perfect for this as well! There is plenty of room for me to be in there with a couple kids as we all work together.

I highly recommend checking out all the greenhouse and outdoor options available from Backyard Discovery. They make high quality and beautiful pieces!

Shoot me back a message with any questions you want me to answer about this new adventure OR any advice you have for this newbie greenhouse girl!

Wishing you abundant health,


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