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23 Real Food Breakfast Ideas, High Protein!

Updated: Jul 8

Trying to get off the cereal train?! I applaud you!

On a real food journey, having a nutrient dense breakfast is the first stop I'd recommend.

Breakfast is really essential for your well being during the entire rest of your day! It's an opportunity to break - fast and fuel your body with the protein, healthy fat and fiber it needs.

Those are the three key nutrients I focus on each morning. It's ok to have some carbs too, but carbs come easily. We don't have to try for those!

A nutrient dense breakfast should leave you feeling satiated and keep you off the sugar crash rollercoaster!

If we can teach our kids to eat this way at the beginning of their day.... man, what a gift!

23 Breakfast Ideas that Offer Protein, Healthy Fat and Fiber:

(I'm including links to recipes here as appropriate.)

  1. Fried eggs*, sausage** and fruit or sprouted toast.

  2. Homemade granola with yogurt and berries. (You can add some quality protein powder to the yogurt for more protein.)

  3. Oat muffins***, with scrambled eggs and bacon**.

  4. To go option: Hard boiled eggs, berries, muffins with butter.

  5. Chia seed pudding with granola and fruit.

  6. Steak and eggs, cooked to your preference. Add some seeds or greens to your eggs for fiber.

  7. Oat pumpkin pancakes, butter and sausage.

  8. Sprouted or sourdough English muffin breakfast sandwich with sausage, egg and cheese.

  9. Sprouted or sourdough toast with avocado and fried eggs, bacon or sausage on the side.

  10. Breakfast burrito with eggs, meat, spinach, cheese and beans if you like (use a good quality tortilla or Siete almond flour tortilla).

  11. Leftover roast and veggies with soft cooked eggs.

  12. Breakfast skillet: your favorite sausage, a diced potato and spinach topped with an egg.

  13. Breakfast hashbrown casserole: I load this recipe with plenty of veggies.

  14. Sweet potato skillet: 1/2 diced sweet potato, kale, onions and sausage, scramble in eggs, cooked in plenty of healthy fat.

  15. 1/2 a sweet potato topped with scrambled eggs and greens, with bacon.

  16. Egg and sausage frittata, I like to add in cheese, peppers and broccoli.

  17. Breakfast salad: a small handful of greens topped with egg, avocado and bacon.

  18. To go option: Overnight oats, eaten with hard boiled eggs or sausage.

  19. Breakfast tacos: eggs and breakfast sausage scrambled together, topped with avocado, cilantro, onion and/or salsa (use a good quality tortilla or Siete almond flour tortilla).

  20. To go option: Protein smoothie - real food protein powder, milk, 1/2 banana, spinach and berries. (I don't recommend a protein shake every day, but it can be good in a pinch!)

  21. Chocolate almond flour zucchini muffins, with a smoothie of berries and yogurt.

  22. Berry oat breakfast cake with a side of yogurt, sausage, bacon and/or eggs

  23. Loaded oatmeal bowls. Cook old fashioned oats, add in milk, butter, honey, and lots of nuts and seeds. Best with a bit more protein, like sausage or bacon.

*Best quality eggs are going to be pasture raised eggs.

** Best quality bacon or pork sausage is going to be from pastured hogs, no nitrates or nitrites added.

*** I grind my own oat flour in a food processor for oat flour recipes.

I hope this list was helpful! Subscribe and you won't miss any future updates.

Wishing you abundant health, Melisha

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